Monday, 27 October 2014

How to Save Big On Printer Ink Cartridges by Choosing Alternative Online Options

By now you probably know that the ink and toner cartridges end up costing much more than the printer itself over the years. Whether it is for home use or for businesses, cartridges are a big expense and often inevitable. Thankfully, you can save a fortune by buying compatible cartridges from third party vendors with the same quality assurance. 

Saving money  

Most printer companies charge so much for ink, not because it is expensive, but because you have no choice other than buying from them. However, this is not the case today. With a third party cartridge such as Buy HP CE255X for your HP printer:

  • You get the same quality and reliability as it is rigorously tested
  • You get the same warranties as you get with HP cartridges
  • You pay significantly lower for it and end up saving a lot
All you need to do is to type the model number of the cartridge online and you will find plenty of alternatives to the expensive model. 

Saving time  

Not only do you get high quality ink and toners from alternative companies from your HP 645A Black cartridge, you also get it delivered to you the very next day. This is the same convenience that you get with the original ones. 

Compatible or Official

To buy official manufacturers or compatible cartridges is completely you choice, and will mainly depend on your budget. However, when you consider buying compatible cartridge, do not forget to check the quality of product, market price and warrantee, if any.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Advantages Of Buying Printer Ink Cartridges from Online Shops

When you are planning to shop for printer ink cartridges online, there are a few things you must really consider so as to get the best product at the best price. 

Not only companies but also those home owners who have printers at home search for really affordable printer ink cartridges. Earlier, when one needs to buy new cartridges for a printer, he or she must go to a nearby store that sells office supplies. But, with the changing times and tremendous development in technology, anyone can purchase the kind of ink cartridges desired from an online store sitting in the comfort of the home or office. 

Benefits of purchasing ink cartridges online

Well, you can make some considerable savings in terms of cost when you buy ink cartridges from online vendors. Besides, the additional advantage is that rather than investing your time wandering in search of stores, you can just achieve what you want with the push of a button. However, you have to wait from sometime in order to get the product in hand as shipping might take a little time.

What to consider before making a purchase of cartridges online?

·         First, make sure that the website you are choosing to purchase your cartridges from provides its consumers with high quality first hand products or remanufactured ones that meet official qualification standards. If you fail to consider this point, then you may end up buying cartridges that leak or that which do not suit properly or even harm the printer. 

·         Look for online vendors that offer a good warranty and guarantee period. If a company provides you with a good warranty offer, it means that they deal only with good quality products and not cheap poor quality ones. 

·         If you want specific brand cartridges like HP ink cartridges, choose shops that sell HP ink cartridges exclusively. Only they will have a wide range of cartridges that suit any kind of HP printer. Besides, the quality will also be good. 

HP Cartridge Shop is one of the leading vendors of HP cartridges to consumers worldwide.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Simple Steps to Refill LaserJet Cartridges

It is always an economical option to refill your printer cartridges rather than buy new ones. However, you should know how to refill the LaserJet cartridges. 

Laser jet printers such as Buy HP LaserJet Pro 200 and Cheap HP LaserJet Pro 400  use toner cartridges. A toner is ink in powdered form. As it is highly flammable, you have to be very cautious when you are refilling it. By refilling LaserJet cartridges, you are saving a lot of time and money. Once you start practising with the first refilling, you will find it to be an easy task. As the toner is likely to last much longer than the conventional regular ink, you may not need to do a refill process on your LaserJet printer as much as you do on an inkjet printer.

Step by step instruction on refilling LaserJet cartridges

·         First, you have to remove the toner cartridge from the cartridge compartment of your printer.
·         Next, burn or drill a hole into the toner cartridge using a hole-burning tool or a small drill available at shops selling printer accessories. Provided the cartridge comes with a plug, remove that plug. 

·         The accurate location of the hole may vary from one cartridge to another; however, usually, you will be able to find a hint on the cartridge. Normally, it is on the top; but, sometimes it is located on the side or the front part. Once you find the location, you will have to start drilling the hole. 

·         Then, insert the toner refill bottle’s nozzle into the hole you drilled in the toner cartridge. Pour the toner slowly into the hopper. Provided the cartridge had entirely depleted, ensure you pour the entire contents of the refill toner bottle. You may have to tap the bottle several times so that the toner flows easily. 

·         After filling the cartridge, seal the hole. Then, insert the original plug or rather use an electrical tape. Usually a refill kit comes with a plug. 

·         Now, restore the cartridge inside the printer. You will have to wait for nearly 24 hours in order to use the cartridge after you refill it. 

On an average, a cartridge can be refilled three times. To know that the cartridge has to be replaced, you can see the quality of how the printing degrades. 

To buy the best HP cartridges, you can shop at HP Cartridge Shop.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Laser Toner Printer- Understanding Its Different Parts and Their Working

Printers these days have become a basic necessity of almost every household. From school going to college students, a printer is an essential equipment to finish their homework and project work. 

However, have you ever wondered how a printer actually works? How does this equipment transform a plain sheet of paper into a colourful picture or precisely printed words? A printer can print everything from a single line of alphabet to complex multi-hued designs. These instruments are not only very fast, but are highly precise as well.

If only you could peek into the instrument while it’s working, you could see how it actually works to create these magical prints. However, that could be quite dangerous. Instead, you must know about the different parts of the machine and how these parts work together and create these prints within seconds.

Different Parts of the Laser Toner Printer: The basic parts of a printer are:

  • The data input controller
  • The drum
  • The laser device
  • The toner
  • The fuser
All these parts come together in harmony to transport the images from the screen to the paper. 

The Working: Now let’s try and understand how these parts work. When you give a command on your computer, the data to be printed is transferred to data input controller of the printer. This controller then deciphers the given data into the language that the printer can understand.
The controller also prepares the drum. The drum is an aluminium cylinder that is coated with photosynthetic material. First, the drum gets set for printing, so that the data can be transferred on the paper.

The drum then cleans itself of the previous print, so that no traces are left. A wiper blade does this. The wiper blade scrapes off any residual toner that might have been left behind from the previous print. 

In some of the newer versions of toner printers, this cleaning job is done by neutralizing the residual electrostatic charges. Once the drum is completely cleaned up, it is then negatively charged at -600v.

Now it’s the job of the laser device, which draws the entire image to be printed on the drum. For this, the laser will hit the drum at precise places and change the charge at those points to -100v. The toner will be stuck to these precise spots.

The laser device comes in different range from 300 dpi up to 1200 dpi (dots per inch). Higher the dpi value better will be the print quality. Toners also come in a huge variety. Some of the bestselling toner cartridges these days are Buy HP CE400X and HP 950 XL

The toner cartridge is basically made of iron oxide. The iron oxide of the toner is stuck on the drum because of the electrostatic charges. While this is happening, the paper is pulled into the printer. The paper being positively charged attracts the toner particles that are stuck on the paper.

Next, the paper passes through the fuser. The fuser comprises of two rollers. While the paper is passing through these rollers, they melt the toner at 355°F and fix it onto the paper. The hot freshly printed-paper comes out of the printer.

The most amazing thing to note is that the laser toner printer carries out all these complicated steps within seconds. As soon as the print instruction is given, the paper is fed into the printer and comes out with the exact print.