Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Simple Steps to Refill LaserJet Cartridges

It is always an economical option to refill your printer cartridges rather than buy new ones. However, you should know how to refill the LaserJet cartridges. 

Laser jet printers such as Buy HP LaserJet Pro 200 and Cheap HP LaserJet Pro 400  use toner cartridges. A toner is ink in powdered form. As it is highly flammable, you have to be very cautious when you are refilling it. By refilling LaserJet cartridges, you are saving a lot of time and money. Once you start practising with the first refilling, you will find it to be an easy task. As the toner is likely to last much longer than the conventional regular ink, you may not need to do a refill process on your LaserJet printer as much as you do on an inkjet printer.

Step by step instruction on refilling LaserJet cartridges

·         First, you have to remove the toner cartridge from the cartridge compartment of your printer.
·         Next, burn or drill a hole into the toner cartridge using a hole-burning tool or a small drill available at shops selling printer accessories. Provided the cartridge comes with a plug, remove that plug. 

·         The accurate location of the hole may vary from one cartridge to another; however, usually, you will be able to find a hint on the cartridge. Normally, it is on the top; but, sometimes it is located on the side or the front part. Once you find the location, you will have to start drilling the hole. 

·         Then, insert the toner refill bottle’s nozzle into the hole you drilled in the toner cartridge. Pour the toner slowly into the hopper. Provided the cartridge had entirely depleted, ensure you pour the entire contents of the refill toner bottle. You may have to tap the bottle several times so that the toner flows easily. 

·         After filling the cartridge, seal the hole. Then, insert the original plug or rather use an electrical tape. Usually a refill kit comes with a plug. 

·         Now, restore the cartridge inside the printer. You will have to wait for nearly 24 hours in order to use the cartridge after you refill it. 

On an average, a cartridge can be refilled three times. To know that the cartridge has to be replaced, you can see the quality of how the printing degrades. 

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