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How to save cost on the purchase of toner cartridge

We need printers for our office or computer related work. The major cost when using a printer is the cost of the toner cartridge. It is always advisable to but original toner cartridges as it will save on the life of the printer. There are a few ways in which you can get good deals on the toner cartridge such as buying in a multi pack.

How to save cost on the purchase of toner cartridge

The HP 126A Toner is compatible with the HP LaserJet Pro CP1020 Colour Printer series. The printer uses a set of four toner cartridges, comprising of black, cyan, magenta and yellow. Purchasing a multi pack of the toners is cost effective and saves you multiple trips to the store as you would have to if you purchase one at a time or you save on shipping with only one product to order when you order a multi pack.

Branded or third party – It is always advisable to use toner cartridges manufactured by the same brand as the printer. HP makes the printer and the toner cartridge that is meant to go with the printer. Third party toner cartridges may be slightly cheaper but they are less durable. Printer cartridges and toners that have been manufactured by the same brand as the printer are always more durable. 

They will be as robust till the last print when the ink runs out. A good durable toner cartridge would also mean faster printing than the cheaper third party ones. Most likely a toner cartridge of a third party is a recycled product and may cause long term damage to your printer. When you look at the costs that this could incur, it is safer and better to stick with the original manufacturer.

It is essential to get value for your money where the number of pages per toner is concerned. When selecting a toner you also need to take into consideration the kind of quality of prints you need. The HP 126A toner cartridge will give 1000 pages per toner cartridge. A third party brand would give a lesser number of pages and a lower quality.

HP 128A toner
If you have high printing demands, you can get up to 2000 pages of high quality prints from a 128A toner. Reliability is a criterion that you should check for when selecting a toner cartridge for your printer. The HP 128A toner has been designed especially for the HP printers.

Warranty – It is always better to buy a toner that comes with a warranty. An HP product will come with a warranty of a year. Usually third party manufactured cartridge does not offer warranty.

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